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French Property News - August 2005

Rental Scams

Philip Suter of jmlvillas.com contacted Karen Tait the Editor of French Property News regarding the rental scams that jmlvillas.com clients had been experiencing. In her editorial she wrote" A current scam in the gte market involves the so-called holidaymaker paying by cheque, but 'accidentally' overpaying. The gte ownerpays the extra back, then finds the original cheque bounces and surprise surprise, the 'holidaymaker' vanishes, leaving them out of pocket.

While these stories are clearly a concern, it's not so difficult to protect yourself. Firstly, anything that seems too good to be true, usually is too good to be true. Employ a little common sens - if people act strangely or want to do things differently to the norm, ask yourself why? Don't get drawn in, report anything suspicious to the police and wait for a genuine and honest buyer."

Thanks to Karen Tait, Editor French Property News

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